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The function formats trade data for execution against the relevant Uniswap exchange.

Function Signature

export function getExecutionDetails(
trade: TradeDetails,
maxSlippage?: number,
deadline?: number,
recipient?: string
): ExecutionDetails

Input Parameters

tradeTradeDetailsThe trade to execute.
maxSlippage?numberThe maximum slippage to allow, in basis points. Defaults to 200 (2%).
deadline?numberWhen the transaction will expire. Defaults to 10 minutes in the future.
recipient?numberAn optional recipient address. Defaults to the msg.sender

Example Usage

Method arguments are returned as one of: BigNumber, number, or string. BigNumbers are large number objects, numbers are small numbers in base 10, and strings are addresses.

const tradeDetails: TradeDetails = tradeExactEthForTokensWithData(reserves, '1000000000000000000')

const executionDetails: ExecutionDetails = await getExecutionDetails(tradeDetails)

// the address of the relevant exchange
exchangeAddress: 0x09cabEC1eAd1c0Ba254B09efb3EE13841712bE14,

// the name of the method that must be called
methodName: "ethToTokenSwapInput",

// the id of the method name
methodId: "0xf39b5b9b",

// the ether value that must be sent with the transaction
value: <BigNumber>,

// method arguments as an array
methodArguments: MethodArgument[]