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Welcome to web3-react!

web3-react provides abstractions to assist you with connecting your dApp to web3 connectors and exposes methods to interact with those connections. It currently supports connecting to the following wallets:

  • Network
  • Injected wallets (eg MetaMask)
  • Gnosis safe
  • Coinbase wallet
  • WalletConnect wallet

To begin, we recommend looking at our guides which include runnable examples and walkthroughs of core usages. These guides will help you better understand how to use web3-react and integrate it into your application.


This guide uses web3-react version 8, which is a beta version.


web3-react consists of many packages, each providing different functionalities. The core package exposes the methods used to interact with web3 connectors, the types package declares useful types, while the others are installed to enable interactions with different connectors.

To interact with web3-react we recommend installing though npm:

npm install --save @web3-react/core

or yarn:

yarn add @web3-react/core

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