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Query Parameters

The Uniswap front-end supports URL query parameters to allow for custom linking to the Uniswap exchange. Users and developers can use these query parameters to link to the Uniswap exchange with custom prefilled settings.

Each Page has specific available URL parameters that can be set. Global parameters can be used on all pages.

A parameter used on an incorrect page will have no effect on exchange settings. Parameters not set with a URL parameter will be set to standard exchange defaults.


themeStringSets them to dark or light mode.

Theme Options

Theme can be set as light or dark.

Example Usage

Swap Page

inputCurrencyaddressInput currency that will be swapped for output currency.
outputCurrencyaddress or ETHOutput currency that input currency will be swapped for.
slippagenumberMax slippage to be used during transaction (in bips)
exactAmountnumberThe custom token amount to buy or sell.
exactFieldstringThe field to set custom token amount for. Must be input or output.


ETH defaults as the input currency. When a different token is selected for either input or output ETH will default as the opposite selected currency.


Addresses must be valid ERC20 addresses. Slippage and amount values must be valid numbers accepted by the exchange (or error will prevent from swapping). Slippage can 0, or within the range 10->9999 bips (which converts to 0%, 0.01%->99%)

When selecting ETH as the output currency a user must also choose an inputCurrency that is not ETH (to prevent ETH being populated in both fields)

Setting Amounts

Two parameters, exactField and exactAmount can be used to set specific token amounts to be sold or bought. Both fields must be set in the URL or there will be no effect on the settings.

Example Usage

Send Page

The send page has the same options available as the Swap page, plus one additional paramter, recipient.

recipientaddressAddress of the recipient of a send transaction.

Example Usage

Pool Page

The Pool page is made up of 3 subroutes: add-liquidity, remove-liquidity, create-exchange.

Add Liquidity

ethAmountnumberAmount of ETH to deposit into the pool.
tokenaddressERC20 address of the pool to add liquidity to.
tokenAmountnumberAmount of the selected token to deposit into the pool.

Example Usage

Remove Liquidity

poolTokenAddressaddressPool to withdraw liquidity from. (Must be an ERC20 address with an existing exchange)
poolTokenAmountnumberAmount of pool token to be withdrawn from liquidity pool.

Example Usage

Create Exchange

tokenAddressaddressERC20 token to create the exchange for. Must be valid ERC20 token for which there is no existing exchange.

Example Usage

Custom Routes

Custom token routes can still be used in combination with URL paramters. URL paramters are higher in the settings hierarchy than custom routes.

An example using custom token route and URL paramters.