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The UniversalRouter is an ETH, ERC20, and NFT swap router, that can aggregate trades across protocols to give users access highly-flexible and personalised transactions. The contract is unowned, and is not upgradeable.

The flexible command style allows us to provide users with:

  • Splitting and interleaving of Uniswap trades
  • Purchases of NFTs across 8 marketplaces
  • Partial fills of trades
  • Wrapping and Unwrapping of ETH
  • Time-bound, signature controlled token approvals using Permit2

Transactions are encoded using a string of commands, allowing users to have maximum flexibility over what they want to perform. With all of these features available in a single transaction, the possibilities available to users are endless.

Note: The UniversalRouter uses Permit2 to remove the need for token approvals being provided directly to the UniversalRouter. The Permit2 documentation can be found here.