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Quick Start

The Uniswap SDK is separate from the Uniswap protocol. It is designed to assist developers when interacting with the protocol in any environment that can execute JavaScript, such as websites or node scripts. With the SDK, you can manipulate data that has been queried from the EVM using libraries that assist with several needs, such as data modeling and protection from rounding errors.

The following guides will help you use ethers.js to return state data from the EVM, and the Uniswap V3 SDK to manipulate it once it has been retrieved.


To interact with the V3 SDK - we recommend installing though the npm package

npm i --save-dev @uniswap/v3-sdk
npm i --save-dev @uniswap/sdk-core


import { Pool } from '@uniswap/v3-sdk'

Next Steps

To use Ethers.js for the first time, or would like a more beginner friendly starting place, check out Using Ethers.js. If you are already familiar with ethers.js and general dev setup, you can move to Creating a Pool Instance.