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Version: V3




  function createAndInitializePoolIfNecessary(
address token0,
address token1,
uint24 fee,
uint160 sqrtPriceX96
) external returns (address pool)

Creates a new pool if it does not exist, then initializes if not initialized

This method can be bundled with others via IMulticall for the first action (e.g. mint) performed against a pool


token0addressThe contract address of token0 of the pool
token1addressThe contract address of token1 of the pool
feeuint24The fee amount of the v3 pool for the specified token pair
sqrtPriceX96uint160The initial square root price of the pool as a Q64.96 value

Return Values:

pooladdressReturns the pool address based on the pair of tokens and fee, will return the newly created pool address if necessary