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Version: V3


Internal functions for safely managing liquidity in Uniswap V3

Parameter Structs


    struct AddLiquidityParams {
address token0;
address token1;
uint24 fee;
address recipient;
int24 tickLower;
int24 tickUpper;
uint256 amount0Desired;
uint256 amount1Desired;
uint256 amount0Min;
uint256 amount1Min;



  function uniswapV3MintCallback(
uint256 amount0Owed,
uint256 amount1Owed,
bytes data
) external

Called to msg.sender after minting liquidity to a position from IUniswapV3Pool#mint.

In the implementation you must pay the pool tokens owed for the minted liquidity. The caller of this method must be checked to be a UniswapV3Pool deployed by the canonical UniswapV3Factory.


amount0Oweduint256The amount of token0 due to the pool for the minted liquidity
amount1Oweduint256The amount of token1 due to the pool for the minted liquidity
databytesAny data passed through by the caller via the IUniswapV3PoolActions#mint call


  function addLiquidity(
AddLiquidityParams memory params
) internal returns (uint128 liquidity, uint256 amount0, uint256 amount1, contract IUniswapV3Pool pool)

Add liquidity to an initialized pool