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Version: V3


Any contract that calls IUniswapV3PoolActions#flash must implement this interface



  function uniswapV3FlashCallback(
uint256 fee0,
uint256 fee1,
bytes data
) external

Called to msg.sender after transferring to the recipient from IUniswapV3Pool#flash.

In the implementation you must repay the pool the tokens sent by flash plus the computed fee amounts. The caller of this method must be checked to be a UniswapV3Pool deployed by the canonical UniswapV3Factory.


fee0uint256The fee amount in token0 due to the pool by the end of the flash
fee1uint256The fee amount in token1 due to the pool by the end of the flash
databytesAny data passed through by the caller via the IUniswapV3PoolActions#flash call