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Version: V3

Increase Liquidity

Increase Liquidity Within The Current Range#

Make sure to go through the first guide before continuing to this section

  • This example assumes the contract already has custody of the NFT.

  • We cannot change the boundaries of a given liquidity position using the Uniswap v3 protocol; increaseLiquidity can only increase the liquidity of a position.

  • In production, amount0Min and amount1Min should be adjusted to create slippage protections.

    /// @notice Increases liquidity in the current range    /// @dev Pool must be initialized already to add liquidity    /// @param tokenId The id of the erc721 token    /// @param amount0 The amount to add of token0    /// @param amount1 The amount to add of token1    function increaseLiquidityCurrentRange(        uint256 tokenId,        uint256 amountAdd0,        uint256 amountAdd1    )        external        returns (            uint128 liquidity,            uint256 amount0,            uint256 amount1        )    {        INonfungiblePositionManager.IncreaseLiquidityParams memory params =            INonfungiblePositionManager.IncreaseLiquidityParams({                tokenId: tokenId,                amount0Desired: amountAdd0,                amount1Desired: amountAdd1,                amount0Min: 0,                amount1Min: 0,                deadline: block.timestamp            });
        (liquidity, amount0, amount1) = nonfungiblePositionManager.increaseLiquidity(params);    }